3 Infographics

This infographic uses iconography and illustration to best present its argument, which is that gaming is a good thing. In using familiar icons that are gaming related, it centralizes what the graphic is about without needing to title the graphic.  http://neomam.com/blog/8-awe-inspiring-video-game-infographics/

In this graphic, the creators best used color, iconography and topography the best to illustrate their argument. The icons used at the center of the percentages are easily recognizable to the general public. The brain is an example of this in the psychological therapy aspect as well as the heart for general health.  http://www.columnfivemedia.com/work-items/infographic-how-gaming-is-affecting-our-culture-and-health

This infographic uses color, iconography, and simplicity in its graphic to get the argument across. In this, only three colors are really used and the icons are easy to recognize and are directly related to the topic. http://visual.ly/video-games-schools-and-universities




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