Source Write-up #3

This source is a review of the Book “The Legend of Spring-Heeled Jack” by Karl Bell. The actual book could not be obtain, though the review appears scholarly. The review goes to highlight the main points of the book and it provides a thorough summary of it via article form. Overall, the article is current enough for the topic, considering it is merely history, currency is not really an issue. The creator does make plenty of references to the authors work and the information is all based on the book. There is some opinion in the sense of the creator judging the authors work, but even that is minimal. She also does provide a reference to the book itself at the top of the page. The article was written by Rosalind Crone under the Oxford Journals: The American Historical Review in Volume 119, Issue 1. This site states that author affiliations are with The Open University. It was also published by the Oxford University Press. Not just anyone can have their content published in this journal, seeing as it is related to Oxford University. The publisher’s interest is in a scholarly review of a history based book. The content in the article is based on facts and it maintains a definite neutrality. There is so opinion or product trying to be sold in this source.


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