Source Write-up #2

In finding this source, I used the research data base to find a scholarly article on Elizabeth Bathory. Considering I was unable to find much on her that were not works of fiction, I used the database by looking up her name. This enabled me to find this article. I did have to wait a few days as they had to get the article on loan for me. The article is fairly recent considering my other sources. It was published in 2014 in the journal History Today. This particular article was in Volume 64 issue 8. This article is most definitely current enough for the topic, after all most history sources are not nearly as recent as this one. In the article, it includes some of her history, who she was married to, and some of the crimes she was accused of along with how she was stopped. None of this appears to be only an opinion. It has a balance in the sense that it mentions that the dividing line between what is fact and fiction has become blurred with the characters history. There are no references or quotes made in the article itself. The creator or author in this case is not really listed, but evidently ProQ was imprinted on it. If I am correct, this would have been written by ProQuest for the journal. The sponsor of this article would be the publishers at History Today. They are a well-known magazine that is placed in the UK. The publisher is interested in all things history, information on a famous female serial killer no doubt would be interesting for its readers to view. The author isn’t trying to sell anything, it is all based on facts and the relatively short lived crime spree of Elizabeth Bathory. If anything, there may be some question as to which parts are facts since they did mention that a lot of the facts and works of fiction blurred together. As for biased, it has information on both sides, but of course villains don’t get a say in what is said about them.



One thought on “Source Write-up #2

  1. I think you did a really good job in analyzing the source but it would have been better if you had actually given the title of the source you used, because it would make a much better sense of what the source talks about.


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