Research Free Write

In comparison to my background knowledge on the topic, I have learned that plenty of my researched characters history depends on which culture you ask. I also learned that some facts can become muddled with fiction through the ages. I hope that by the time I have this project finished, my knowledge of these characters will become a second nature to know, to both myself and others who have an interest in it. I think that my audience will question who the characters are in the first place. While they may be infamous to me, others will likely not know of them. They may also wonder what I mean by vampire lore, and what kind of vampire lore exists to this day. So far, the entire research process is easy. It was made easier with the use of databases seeing as I took to it easily and was introduced to it through a history course. As for the research process as a whole, I think I have it down to a simple science, so I have no immediate questions about it.



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