Blog #6- Source write up 1

In order to find this source, I used the library’s catalog tab. In the search bar, I searched for anything with the name Vlad Ţepeş in the title. I figured it was best to find a book on this particular character’s history to help set the tone for his role in influencing vampire lore. The book was titled Vlad Ţepeş: Prince of Walachia. While the book was not published in the 21st century, it is current enough to provide background information on my topic accurately. This source includes historical dates of when Vlad ruled as a Prince, his victory as well as his defeat, on top of several different perspective of how he was during his time. It also speaks of his reputation amongst different cultures as the famed Dracula. This author provide many references and citations in his work. The author of this book is Nicolae Stoicescu. The author is credible due to his membership to the Romanian Academy. The Academy of the Socialist Republic of Romania and the Academy of Social and Political Sciences of the Socialist Republic of Romania sponsor the biography. The book is also translated by a Romanian, rather than someone who has learned it as a second language which makes it more reliable. The book is fact based and avoids bias by present the different cultural perspectives of how Vlad Ţepeş acted in history. The author does nothing to try and sway you opinion one way or another on Vlad as a person. They key points in the source would be his victory and defeat as well as the information on his fame/infamy amongst the different cultures of the time (i.e. the Germans, Turks, Slavs), as well as how he gain the title of Dracula. This ultimately provides some of the most basic yet intimate background knowledge on Vlad III before he inspired Bram Stoker to write his famous novel Dracula. Combined with some of the general knowledge of Bram Stoker’s book, I could prove how Vlad III affected the changes in vampire lore.



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