Introduction I-search

In this paper, I aim to answer the question of how historical characters such as Vlad III, Elizabeth Bathory, and Spring-heeled Jack affect vampire lore. Now vampire lore as I see it consists of vampire legends, how they are seen by others, their strengths and weaknesses. Overall the lore is made up of the many different stories. I understand that not everyone will recognize the characters I mentioned above, but allow me to explain. Vlad II, also known as Vlad the Impaler was the inspiration to Bram Stoker’s Dracula. There will be more on his story later on as well. Elizabeth Bathory on the other hand was known as the Blood Countess, for she was considered one of the most ruthless female serial killer in recorded history. Spring-heeled Jack is a bit more tricky as a character. He is essentially a well known thief that was described as “devil-like” who preyed on women in the night. Considering my own interest in the many changes in vampire lore from what it was, I feel like this question has a more complex answer than most would think. In answering this question, I hope to give people a different perspective on creatures of the night compared to the sexualized characters they have become today.


2 thoughts on “Introduction I-search

  1. I like how you explained it.I agree with the last line of your introduction because the concept of vampires have been changed overtime from blood thirsty creatures to sexualized characters.
    I would suggest elaborating a little more on the research question though 🙂


  2. I think your research question is very interesting and adds a new spin to what is a commonly made fun of topic. I would like to know more, this probably peaks your interest more than me but I still find it interesting. Very clear topic about a very specific genre. The next step would be to elaborate on your topic, and define your argument.


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