Blog Post #1: What is Writing?

Writing can be classified as a few different things. Many consider it a profession, an art. Others may only see it as a way of communication. I see writing as a way of expression, you can create your own world with words where anything is possible. In a sense, in writing you play the role of a creator, some people may call such an entity God. The world you’ve made with words, has no rules. My definition of good writing is being able to use your words to capture the reader’s attention and keep it. No good book is considered a best seller if no one reads it. When the audience is reading through your work, the fact that they want to read it to the very last word proves that you are a good writer.

By my definition, fantasy writers usually fall into the good writer category. Countless writers have been able to write great books by creating such worlds with their minds. A few examples of such titles would be The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter Series, and regrettably the Twilight Saga. All of these examples have different authors who created different realities for their stories to take place. Many people read and re-read these books due to the powerful hold the storylines create.

J.K Rowling, author of the famous Harry Potter series could be considered a good writer. While I personally hold no love for the books, I have seen others skip meals if it meant finishing the latest Harry Potter book. To hold the readers focus so mercilessly shows that she is a good writer by my definition. People are truly captured by the world she has created.




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